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Time for magic innovation!

After the  'Perfect Bra' project,  and  success of the Virginia  3-d spacer bra , the time has come for more great products!
This time Corin presents NEW MAGIC LINE - one size collection - Kylie 770, made of soft and light stretch.
No more changing room!
Products from the Kylie 770 line fit to silhouettes in sizes S to XL. One size for everyone!
This is the special line for women who are looking for exceptional comfort and well-being. The line will include several products. All in one, universal size for everyone!
Magic, ultra-thin briefs made of soft fabric are already available, which stands out for their perfect fit and super elasticity. They are extremely delicate in the touch, imperceptible and airy. The magical velvet effect comes from  their 3D technology and modern fibers. The stretch material  adheres to the body without loss of flexibility. The edges are smooth, seamless and elastic. Instead of the recently very popular laser cut briefs , they have an innovative technology of finishing the edges. This means that they do not roll while being worn, do not move up or down. There is no issue of size - it fits all!
Kylie briefs collection model 03770 - thin as a mist and light as a feather, they are airy and quick-drying. Their innovation guarantees maximum comfort in terms of use and functionality!
These briefs are perfect not only as casual underwear, but they are great as sports underwear, for fitness, for training, running.
Kylie 03770 are lightweight and comfortable enough for any occasion. The discovery of the innovative "MAGIC LINE" line allows you to replace specialized models of underwear - that is, moisture-wicking, cotton, easy-to-match clothes, etc. - for one universal model from the Kylie collection.
Be under the spell of Kylie - Queen of magic!