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Perfect bra gains Ukraine.

Beautiful Ukrainian women have worn Corin lingerie from 14 years now. Corin actively participates in Kiev Fashion fairs, cooperates with the wholesale company – Irena in Lutsk and its products are sold in Belle Famme chain of stores. “We take seriously this cooperation, we care about the full contact with the final customer and getting to know their expectations. Discussions during fairs are usually short, and that’s why we decided to organize the special meeting with the customers” – explains Mariusz Hanczka, the owner of Corin.

This event took place on November 23rd and 24th 2011 in the showroom of wholesale company Irena in Kiev. It is situated in Obolon district, with the admirable view on Dnieper. In six rooms there’s the exposition arranged with the offer of many lingerie manufacturers. On the meeting there were invited owners and sellers of the best on the Ukrainian market lingerie boutiques. Each day started from the company presentation. Mariusz Hanczka talked about the company history , its output and achievements. The essence of this meetings was the presentation of development plan for the next years. Most of the time was dedicated to the last Corin achievement  - the research over the perfect bra which on the one hand is fashionable and stylish and on the other – assures the comfort of using and the safety for health.

The company executed the research together with Polish engineers from Technology University and with professor Marek Zadrozny, the head of The Clinic of Breasts Diseases and Oncology Surgery. The perfect bra should not only look great, but also give the sense of complete comfort. As the statistics show most of the women wear improperly fitted bra. Too loose bra loses its basic function of breast support, too tight is uncomfortable. But these are not all of the consequences of improperly fitted bra. According to professor Zadrozny choosing the well-fitted bra prevents complications in the future such as – circulatory disorder of lymphatic system, inflammations or swellings, and also ensures life in better comfort.
“Our main goal was creating the safe for woman’s health model of the bra with the proper bra cup which does not cause the unnecessary pressures and maintains the breasts properly” explained Mariusz Hanczka. He reminded that the research lasted for more than a year and consisted of many stages.

Corin probably as the first company in the world which for the sake of women’s health undertake this innovative research, giving the example of its social responsibility in business. Designing the new bras, Corin stopped to rely only on its experience and subjective women’s feelings, but also used the objective measurements and results of the research. On their basis the lingerie constructors from Corin and the engineers from Technology University constructed the final shape of healthy and comfortable bra.

The innovative solutions are used in all models of Corin bras and were presented in Kiev during the November meeting. All the participants could appreciate their advantages during the lecture of Monika Tarwid. She conducted the part dedicated to the rules of proper bra fitting and talked about her experience from long practice. The theory was supported by practice and to emphasize the importance of this matter there were conducted trainings from the perfect bra matching. It was probably the most interesting part of the meeting , because such fittings raise lots of questions, doubts, warm up the discussion and the most important – teach.