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               Thousands, perhaps millions of bras, figs, swimwear. Large, small, white, black, colorful. Balconets, push ups, semi softs. For the young and those mature. Every day of making the ideas and their implementation, hours, days, months of patient work over every millimeter. Work style so harmonious as the needle and thread. That is the Corin`s success story .

The company was established 20 years ago. The story of the first sewing Corin bra passed to legend. It took a few people up to 11 hours to create it. The founders of the brand Barbara and Mariusz Hanczka did not expect then that the Corin bras will become recognizable in different parts of the world in very short time. That  first lace bra, wasn`t for sure  like today's design, it was probably not  as comfortable as the modern ones . Although it is not perfect,  it has today  its special place in Corin.

So begins the story of the Corin brand. Through 20 years of experience, passion and excellence were reached today's stage. Not everything can be created and predicted by the hard procedures and indicators. The essence of success in business is also intuition, which often helps to select those variants, which turn out to be the best. Combined with fashion, quality and health can achieve a lot.This is not speaking about it to find a moment in the limelight, but to create the history of the world of lingerie.Today, twenty years later, we can say that the history of Corin, is the story of the perfect bra!

1996 years - Barbara and Mariusz Hanczka founded the company under the name of Corin. They did not expect then, that the family company develops as quickly. It all started from a small sewing room in Pabianice. Several people and machines and the idea of ​​sewing elegant lingerie, which there was a lack on the Polish market . It is claimed trademark Corin Patent Office. Within a few months managed to prepare some models - no one was talking about collections - and showing them at the first international fairs. Czech Republic - it was the first export market. Then Lithuania and Vilnius -Corin came back from there with honours "WSTEGI NIEMNA”. Then it was only better and better.

Crawling in exports- that we can call placed the  first steps at trade fairs outside the Polish. In retrospect, it turned out to be irreplaceable experience and a great start. Corin quickly gained the trust of customers in foreign markets. Today, this strong export is developed and reaches high levels.

After the first bra there became a  time for the figs, body and corsets. Those with Corin stand out strongly from those available on store shelves. Despite the fact that the borders had to stand in long queues, it was sewn with French lace and Italian fabrics. It was a classy fabrics, fantastic quality and design. In Poland impregnable. Underwear also looked exceptional. Bras quickly disappeared from the shelves of the warehouses. Own design office allowed to respond quickly to customer needs. To this day, the entire production process takes place in Poland.

1 biustonosz.png

First bra made by Corin

1998 years - the offer has been enriched by Corin swimsuits. Colourful, patterned, such a western and stylish. The clients loved the collections.

2000 years became a breakthrough. It was the French revolution in Corin. French specialists and designers trained designers and production staff. Made changes to the sewing room. Corin started working according to the new standards. Now bra began to live a different, new rhythm. Exports also obliged. Market demands includes not only the quality, design, size, but also the labeling of products. And so the company  came up with a special lingerie coding system , which today Corin communicates with its partners around the world. In this global issue for the first time Corin collections were presented at the famous fair in Paris.

Success of Corin brand  - just a 4-year old  -is very warmly received by the great empire of lingerie.

Here  came also the time to change the system of work in Poland.

2001 years – is the time when the  reorganization of the Department of Trade and changing the customer profile begins.  Corin lingerie in its  kind of style and character began to hit directly to specialty stores and lingerie stores. It was Important for brand building that the product of a certain value was properly presented and served to the client.

This is due to the newly created department of active sales. Mobile traders directly serve customers, draw up a contract, send to Corin, help maintain inventory. They take care about customers from all over Poland. Corin was here a precursor. Other companies then continue to cooperate exclusively with wholesalers.

2002 years - the time for export success. Corin products are combined in the collections, those with proper housing or seasonal catalogue go to the experts underwear in Paris, Moscow, Kiev, Birminghan, Munich, Brno. Corin is working with models, which in a subtle and gentle way present more elegant collections. Carefully selected materials emphasize the impeccably prepared structures. Corin puts on the line "sexy plus" - a dedicated high bust- large cups with the circuits of both small and large, in addition lightweight structures, which do not resemble "armoured" bras. Polish lingerie brand Corin appears on one shelf with those from Lise Charmel, Lou, Barbara, Chantelle.

Underwear is dominated by embroidery on tulle. Lace for a moment go into the shadows. Now the colours, colours, colours! Women are discovering the charms of necklines, straps are removable, the advantages of push-ups. Soon to become a popular slimming underwear.

La Dolce Vita !!!

In addition, entry into the European Union facilitates the work of department of export and import. It's faster, easier, more economical.

2009 years - the time to conquer America. Collection Corin inaugurates the fair in New York. Screening of new lines to resonate. Shiny lingerie looks wonderful on models of exotic beauty. There is a chance for Times Square!

Omena Mensah became an ambassador of Corin brand. Well known from the television screen presents a celebrity brand, posing as a model, she meets with clients. And so for several years, is the face Corin.

2010 years - the designers and engineers do not rest on their laurels, working constantly on the details of bra. This is complicated structure. Few people know that the bra is up to 50 small parts, which after a masterly combination gives the desired effect - the super breasts. In one model of bra set appear as 40 sizes. Millimeter differences, lace work, few women know what a machine is the bra. Day cut and sews hundreds of thousands of small pieces that do not resemble a bra, especially one who has to help a large, heavy breasts.

Prestigious magazine industry recognizes Corin as a specialist in the production of bras for large breasts, as the only one in Central Europe! Corin team is thrilled! At the same time they are carried out. Scientists and doctors are investigating on behalf of Corin bra like air motor. His observations communicate designers, then check again, again, engineers, tests, surveys, measurements. It is important for Corin, what happens to the female body, when the bra is too small, too large, too loose. This quest for perfection!

2011 years - after nearly a year and a half exact analysis - arises PERFECT BRA Corin. Ideals are! The test results are put into production. Boom comfort continues!

Professional braffiters from the Academy of Lingerie Selection  by  Corin advise on what nuances to consider when buying underwear and what it means good fit bra. The courses are also available for staff of shops. Long-term ambassador Corin - Omenaa Mensah - first among braffiting training.

2014 years - innovation and research topics surprises the world. It turns out that such research is not conducted yet probably no company in the world! British television is preparing a special episode of "How do they do it." It gives the subject and details of the studies. Editors, like scientists, about the interests and acquired knowledge share with their wives. Film to watch Discovery Channel viewers from over 200 countries of the world.

Corin has written in his strategies that respect the competition and goes his own way. It is inseparable from the necessity of making new denominations and being innovative. It makes Corin in its history had been the precursor and has a chance to repeat it.

2016 years - a jubilee year! Twenty years have passed since the first sew bra. It's time to draw conclusions, but also the time to lay new plans. The owners and team believe that mature Corin not stop on what has already been achieved. Implemented new development plans and sets trends. Corin GO!